Backyard Putting Greens Atlanta

Since the late 1990’s Grass!365, along with its predecessors, have been installing the best backyard golf greens for putting and chipping throughout Metro Atlanta.  We have built small backyard putting greens to private golf course multiple golf green installations.

Our Putting Greens should be called Synthetic Grass Golf Greens because they look and play like natural grass.   Our greens will hold a golf shot from 180 yards away and putt better than most natural grass greens.

Now you can stand and flip wedges just feet away from where you stand and flip steaks.  Contact the backyard putting green experts today and get your new golf practice area right in your backyard.

We look forward to helping you lower your handicap and driving your buddies crazy because you will be getting up and down from everywhere.

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Synthetic Grass Atlanta

Grass!365 Atlanta is the home of Grass!365.  The company’s predecessors started here over 20 years ago.  We know the area, know the construction challenges and have more experience than any other local turf company.  Our factory is located up in Dalton and we offer the only 100% 1-step recyclable turf.  It is Made in the USA and is the best synthetic grass available anywhere.

Since the Spring of 2020 many of us are spending many more hours of our day at home.  What we do for a living is change people’s lives and their home life by solving backyard issues from drainage to maintenance and make things beautiful.   Some of our clients even say just having turf helps with mosquitos and other bugs.

Whether you want to solve a maintenance issue,  create a great play area for your children and dogs, or with a backyard putting green work on your golf game, Grass!365 Atlanta is your local expert.  We provide the perfect Solutions and have a ton of fun doing our business of installing synthetic grass.

Please let us know how we can help.  Give us a call or let us know how to get in touch with you below.  We look forward to transforming your world with our artificial turf.  We are your Synthetic Grass Experts, we make it Easy 365!

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